Dues: Annual dues for Central Illinois Woodturners are only $25 per calendar year, to be paid on or before January 1st. Upon initially joining the club, dues will be prorated based on the month a new person joins. Dues can be paid in cash, by check, or through PayPal. If using Paypal, we ask the “friends and family” option be used to avoid unnecessary fees.

AAW: The American Association of Woodturners (AAW) is a worldwide organization that is the leader in providing education, information, and collaboration among the woodturning community. Our club is an affiliate club of the AAW. While we encourage all CIW club members to join the AAW, it is not required.

How to join our club: Jeff Hindman is the current Membership Chair for our club and will be the person who makes sure everything goes smoothly. There are multiple paths to club membership.

Join in person: Simply come to any CIW meeting and speak to Jeff Hindman. He will take care of everything! Because of the current COVID-19 response, we are not physically meeting each month, so this may not be a viable option at this time.

Join by mail: Click here to print the information form. Mail the printed form to CIW Membership %Jeff Hindman, 3206 Yorkshire Court, Bloomington, Illinois, 61704. Jeff will contact you when the mail comes, and take care of everything.

Join by email: Click here to launch the information form, then click here to send an email to Jeff Hindman. In the email, provide the information requested on the information form. Once Jeff receives the email, he will reach out to you and take care of everything.

Join by Facebook Group: If you are already a member of the CIW Facebook Group, just post something saying you’d like information on joining the club and Jeff will reach out to you via Messenger. If you are NOT already a member of the CIW facebook, log into Facebook, search for the group “Central Illinois Woodturners” and ask to join. On the next screen, mention that you’d like to join the CIW club. When the group administrator approves your request, they will notify Jeff Hindman, who will reach out to you via Facebook and take care of everything.