The President’s challenges for 2022 are:

  1. Collaboration – In collaboration with at least one other member of CIW, create a project where all members of the effort create some part of the overall finished piece.
  2. Metal added – The finished piece must have some form of metal integrated into the piece
  3. Tiny turning – The finished piece must be less than 2″x2″x2″.
  4. Goblet – Turn a goblet.
  5. Demo’d – Complete a project that was demonstrated at a club meeting during 2022.
  6. Segmented – The project should be made of at least twelve separate pieces of wood. The the use of pre-segmented blanks will not count, even if the blank was purchased. The turner must have been the one to join the pieces in whatever manner is chosen. Encasing wood in resin does not count as “segmenting”.
  7. Natural edge – turn something that has a natural edge element.
  8. Lidded bowl – Turn a lidded bowl
  9. Flower holder – Turn a vase. (not a weed pot)
  10. Painted – The final product should be painted in some form or fashion
  11. Hollowed – The final product should have some portion that is hollow. It could be done using a hollowing jig, by hollowing seperate pieces and joining them together, or whatever method you want.
  12. Happy Holidays – The finished piece must clearly correlate with either Easter, 4th of July, Halloween, or Christmas.


  • The challenge starts at 00:01 January 1st and ends at the stroke of midnight, December 31st.
  • All entries MUST have been made during the 2022 calendar year.
  • Entries can be submitted by:
    • Bringing the item to a in person meeting.
    • Showing the item if virtually attending.
    • Submitting a picture of the item to Dan Augstin (to update the master list) and Mark Toon (to update the website galleries).
  • There is no set sequence to which challenges have to be completed, complete as many as you’d like in whatever order you’d like.
  • Members will earn one entry into the raffle for each challenge they complete.
  • Only one entry per challenge will be counted toward the special raffle
  • The special raffle for the President’s Challenge winner will be held at the January, 2023 meeting.


For the most recent progress tracker report click here. If there are updates needed, please contact Dan Augstin.