The projects for the 2021 President’s Challenge are:

  1. Join the team – In collaboration with at least one other member of CIW, create a project where all members of the effort create some part of the overall finished piece.
  2. Fire it up – The finished piece must have been burnt in some manner.
  3. Mash it up – The finished piece must include an element NOT made of wood.
  4. As seen on TV – Complete a project that was demonstrated at a club meeting during 2021.
  5. Mark it up – The piece must be embellished with some type of design, done by hand.
  6. Just for show – Create a sculptural piece that serves no real purpose, other than to be interesting or pretty.
  7. Just for fun – Create a piece that has a whimsical element.
  8. Asymmetric – The project should have some element that was turned using asymmetric techniques.
  9. Segmented – The project should be made of at least twelve separate pieces of wood. The member must do the joining of the wood.
  10. Outer space – In some form or fashion, the project should be inspired by outer space or include an element representing outer space.
  11. Natural edge – turn something that has a natural edge element.
  12. Deck the halls – turn something that would be appropriate for a Christmas decoration.