While there are multiple organizations that provide wigs for women undergoing cancer treatment that results in hair loss, we realized a gap in that once the women receive a wig, they have no place to put it. In 2016, our club started making wig stands to help these women. The thought was these women need something better than an old milk jug or soccer ball to hold their wigs when they take them off.  As of March, 2020, our club has donated more than 850 wig stands to these patients!  Sadly, the need continues to outpace our ability to produce them.

We are proud to say that our efforts have inspired other wood turning clubs in Colorado, Nevada, and even Ontario to begin making wig stands for cancer centers in their areas.  Our efforts have been recognized in multiple publications, including newspapers and the magazine published for woodturners from the American Association of Woodturners.

Elm City Hardwoods has supplied cherry wood to our cause. Thank You John!

Until a cure is found, we will continue to support this effort!